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Orange Media Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. or Orange Media ESB is a signage design company and a signboard maker located in Penang (HQ) and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We supply quality signage related products, signboards, banner signs, streamer signs, laser cut out letterings and logos, 3D box up letterings and logos, billboard signs, lightboxes, acrylic signs, LED signs etc. nationally (including Langkawi, Pahang, Johor etc) and internationally (Singapore, Australia and expanding).

A good signage company is one that manufactures good signs. We know that manufacturing a good sign today is only a piece of the puzzle hence aside from just manufacturing a good signage, we ensure that all signs manufactured fit our client’s needs and purpose. We also make sure that the delivery of each signage is consistent with our client’s needs and the entire process (end-to-end) of procurement supports our client’s objectives.

Orange Media was founded in 2008. In 2013, the company expended to be Orange Media Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. The cornerstone of our success is to deliver effective quality products on a timely manner. Our success is also based on our guidance, support and advice to all our clients in terms of signage solution, efficiency, affordability and effectiveness.

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